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Plumbing & Hydronic Heating

Plumbing & Hydronic Systems

Designed Air Systems Ltd. can not only design heating and cooling systems, but can also design plumbing systems and hydronic heating systems. Our company can offer the experience and expertise you need on your next design project. We strive to design efficient and economical systems by specifying high-efficiency equipment including condensing boilers, variable speed drives, and water saving fixtures.

Hydronic heating systems use water to transfer heat from its source (either gas boiler, geothermal, or airthermal heat pump) directly to where it’s needed. These systems circulate the hot water through warming baseboards, radiators or radiant tubing in your floors or ceilings. Hydronic heating systems not only allow for increased efficiency, but are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort.

If you are looking for a company to design a hydronic heating system or a plumbing system on your next commercial project, we are the team to choose. Contact Designed Air Systems Ltd. today.